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Picture : Coule par 3 bandes avec contournement de la bille 3 Picture : APJM - Les beliers hydrauliques (extrait) Picture : Baby and Learning Picture : Relativity - Geodesic Picture : Botany - Albizia Picture : Music - Piano keys Image Ornithologie : Tourterelle des bois

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This scientific information site aims to be relevant, honest, clear and precise.
- It was selected by the WebRankInfo Directory as one of the best French-speaking sites on the Science and technology theme.
- It is accessible to sensory handicapped and to any web browser.
- It is used by many schools and organizations, especially in the context of end-of-studies projects.
- It hosts many references, books, guides, photos, videos... about the following topics :

1. Physics of Billiards : a complement useful to the practical guides on Billiards.
    For player, software designer, scientist...

2. Hydraulic ram : an unusual device with a simple operating principle, a complex theory and an ancestral practice.
    For user, hydraulic ram manufacturer, scientist...

3. Human Nervous System (HNS) and Learning : a sensori-motor behaviour model of baby in accordance with Piaget's Learning Theory.
    For biologist, psychologist, neuro-scientist...

4. Relativity : basic formulas of Restricted Relativity and General Relativity with a presentation of the mathematical tools accessible to uninitiated people.
    For students and mathematicians looking to learn in this field without having several years to devote to it...

5. Botany : a catalog of 300 European woody plants associated with an identification method mainly by leaves.
    For lovers of nature and trees in particular...

6. Music and Language : Beyond the well-known aspects of musical sounds (scale, pitch, consonance, timbre, etc.), a presentation of some less known aspects of their relationship with human perception (psycho-acoustic) and spoken language. For lovers of music and curious about music science...

5. Ornithology : a catalog of 300 European birds associated with an identification method mainly by songs or cries.
    For lovers of nature and birds in particular...

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